Mommi-View 001 (Meagan Alleman)

Tell us a little bit about you… (career/kids/ages/husband/married/his job/pets):
The name is Meagan, and I’m 29 years old. I have two kids, an almost 3-year-old boy named Lucas, and a 1-year-old girl named Emma. I also have two fur babies, Lady and Tramp- both rescue mixes. I’ve been married to my husband Jeff since 2013. He’s a former Marine, and did 10 years with the Corps. He currently goes to school full time for Computer Sciences and works full time for a local furniture company. I work for a nanny staffing agency as a Program Director and Manager. I have my BA in Special Education, and a Master’s certificate in Behavior Intervention. We met and lived in California, but recently moved to Minnesota.
Nice to meet you … again 😉
What does your husband plan to use his degree for? Future career ideas? 
Jeffrey would like to use his degree to go into video game design! His dream is to work remotely for Microsoft. 
1.What was your dream job as a kid? 
A teacher- special education, to be exact. All because of my cousin who was in an inclusive program and benefitted greatly from being included, rather than excluded.
Do you feel like your current job is as satisfying as this would of been?
Initially, my job was just a stepping stone in between bigger pictures. Now that we have opened our Respite Program, and I’m the program director for it, I feel as though I’m able to incorporate many of my past ideas into my current job.
2. What is your relationship like with your parents?
I was/am extremely close with my dad. My mom and I struggled with our relationship until I married my husband. Now we are close!
What’s something you and your mom struggled with? Bfs? Or extra curricular activities ?
My mom and I both have very strong personalities- She deems herself as extra sensitive, and I am blunt and slightly brutal. We have struggled since I turned 2 with essentially Oppositional Defiance. It was a constant authority contest. 
3. What is something you are proud of? (write the first thing that comes to mind – For me it’s that I have kept my Paramedic license knowing I will probably never go back to being a paramedic) 
I am beyond proud of myself, and my dedication to maintaining my own person. My dad always told me that I should always be able to fall back on myself should anything ever happen in my relationships. I needed to get a degree, a well-paying job, and be able to support myself both mentally as well as in general. I am proud of myself for earning two degrees, killing the job game, and raising my kiddos like a champ.
This is awesome. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom lol but am so glad I have my license to be a paramedic to fall back on if I need! I think it’s very important to know if you need you can count on yourself and you don’t have to depend on others. However a marriage is also learning to depend on one another 🙂
Absolutely! I definitely depend on my husband- and he depends on me. Without each other, our current life wouldn’t be the same. BUT we also believe that should anything happen, we would still be okay surviving without each other. We are both independent people, and choose to be together and combine our lives
4. What is one thing you wish you did in life before kids? 
I wish that I travelled more. Although, my plan is to take my children on amazing adventures through travel, just like my parents did with me.
What’s one place you would travel to right now if you could?
I went to France (Paris) when I was 16. If I could, I would absolutely go back and experience all from a fresh (non-teenaged) perspective. I feel like although I loved my trip to Paris, I would love to actually go and enjoy the culture and try new things and APPRECIATE them.
Absolutely understand this, I was so fortunate as a kid to travel to so many places I just wish I could of experienced them all when I was a little older and more appreciative.
5. What is something you plan to do after all the kids can take care of themselves? (Ex. two week trip across the US without kids ) 
Sleep in. Daily. Like until at least 9am.
Yes!! This is such a simple but great idea!
Thanks! It’s the little things that we forget to appreciate.
6. What was your first year of motherhood like? (If stepmom what was ur first year of stepmom-hood like?) 
Easy. I had an amazingly easy child. He slept through the night at 6 weeks old. He was formula fed, so we shared the feeding duties. He was happy, silly, and such a joy. Plus, I had been working in the childcare realm as a nanny and teacher for the 5 years prior, and just maintained my previous schedules/routines.
7. Stepmom- One thing you learned after having your own kids compared to having step kids? 
I don’t have step-kids. At least to my knowledge…
8.  Are you happy with the number of friends/mom friends you have? 
I have like two really close mom-friends. I have several Instagram-mom friends. I am happy with a lower number that I can trust, rather than a bunch of people who are surface friends.
How did you meet those two close mom friends? 
My closest mom friend has been a friend for about 5 years- before we had kids. We essentially hit all of our adult milestones together (besides marriage). She was there with my first pregnancy, I was there for hers, and she was there for my second. 
My second close mom friend is you- it’s been a solid 11 years since I met you! We go months and months, and then resurface like nothing has changed. It’s one of my most cherished friendships.
I think friends hitting milestones at the same time after high school really does help in friendships. I have a few friends I feel I try to keep a relationship with but they don’t have kids or their kids are much older than mine and our schedules just don’t workout well. Not going to lie the few mom friends I do have from high school (You and Amanda)… I never thought I would still be friends with you guys so many years later, but I am glad I am!
9. What is a piece or a few pieces of advice you’d like to give moms or future moms (stepmoms)?
Get sleep when you can. Dishes, laundry, it all can wait. Sleep if you are able to. Also, communicate your needs. No matter how you’re feeling, communicate your needs. And every child learns and grows at their own rate- it will be VERY TEMPTING to compare your child to other children on Facebook and Instagram- don’t do it. Trust that they are growing, and if you have concerns, bring them up to a doctor- don’t ask Jenny from the Block to diagnose your kid.
10. What are some goals you have for the next year? 5 years? 
The next year, I want to get my house in Minnesota situated! I want to add a room, redo a bathroom, redo my kitchen, and finish the basement. In 5 years, I want to make sure my family is happy, healthy, and kicking ass.
11. What do you need or want in a friend?

Trust, reliability, humor, and sarcasm. Oh and a coffee lover. Or wine. Either or both.
We have a problem … I don’t currently drink wine or coffee?!? YET … we are good friends 🙂 
I applaud you for that… I love both! Lol But you win on the sarcasm and humor
1. Are you planning on adding to your family? Dogs? More children? 
According to my husband, we are having two more kids. I’m okay with MAYBE one more. I’d like another dog.
2. What is your favorite thing to do with your child one on one? 
My son and I love to bake. My daughter and I love to paint/do something messy.
What’s your favorite thing to bake ? (Maybe we could attach a link to the recipe?)
I have a few things I love to bake, but the top two are lemon scones, and cinnamon buns! I have a secret lemon scone recipe, and my cinnamon bun recipe literally changes everytime I make them. 
What is one of your kid friendly dinners you hide/sneak veggies into without the kids knowing? (And they actually still like to eat it?)
Hidden veggie meatballs!! Blend up veggies and mix into your ground beef or ground turkey recipe. Add your typical spices, breadcrumbs, and egg, etc… roll them up and fry or bake. My kids eat them either with spaghetti, or with gravy and potatoes, or even just plain (with ketchup, of course.)
Thank you, I will have to try this one!!
3. What is your favorite thing to do with your husband ? 
We love shopping! Or watching a series/movie.
What sort of series ? Crime ? Violent ?
We love Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Ranch, and essentially we get hooked and binge
4. What is your favorite thing to do alone ? 
Take a long hot bath, drink a glass of wine, and read a good book. And binge watch Netflix.
5. What are some Pet peeves you have ?- Husband / kids/ step kids (Things they do that bother you) (For ex: Pee on the seat, leave undies on the floor, don’t make their bed)

OMG MY HUSBAND NEVER FLUSHES THE TOILET ALL THE WAY. Drives me nuts. There is always SOMETHING left in there that I have to flush, and it’s effing gross.
My son and daughter are angels. But require my full attention, and sometimes I wish they could just do it themselves so I can have a break.
6. How you discipline your children? (Add age of child if you’d like- I discipline my toddler different than my 9 year old)

We follow the Positive Discipline method- to which I am a certified parent educator.
Can you give me an example ?
Positive Discipline is essentially empowering your child to learn to make positive decisions for themselves. You use both kindness and firmness to help them make positive decisions while empathizing with the other party. For example: If Lucas is about to hit Emma, we stop him and ask “What do you think you should do? That might hurt sissy, which then you’ll have to take a break from playing with her. Do you think you should hurt her?” Now he stops before anything, and he will talk about it. OR he will hurt her and then say “Sorry sissy! Are you okay? Mommy, I hurt sissy.”
Do you have any podcasts or websites you suggest for moms looking to use this sort of method? is a good resource. Can also google Jane Nelson. Also the app!
7. What is the hardest thing about parenting? The easiest? 
The hardest is the lack of sleep, and trying to discipline when it’s really funny. Another hard thing is seeing them hurt or sick. The easiest is definitely the overwhelming love that you have for these tiny humans that you get to be with every day.
8. What was something you’ve learned while parenting, that you weren’t told you’d learn?
I’ve learned that no matter what, your kids will resort to only eating chicken nuggets, or things drowned in ketchup. No matter what healthy shit you feed them (BRENDA..!) they will always resort to some sort of nugget. You just handle it, and revel in the knowledge that one day they will like broccoli.
Yes ma’am! Ps I have finally just started to wean myself of ketchup 🤣
9. What are some favorite family traditions, routines, or special things that you do? 
Every Friday, we stay up late (yes, even my one-year-old) and watch movies and eat pizza. Every Christmas, we open one present on Christmas Eve, along with our typical Christmas Eve jammies. We also try to have dinner together at the table (all four of us) three to four times per week.
10. Biggest piece of parenting advice for new parents or new step-parents? 
Get the Amazon Prime account. 1. You’ll need it for late night shopping. 2. Amazon Video for when your children aren’t listening. 3. Oh Shit We Ran Out Of Diapers.
11. What is something you want your kids to know when they are 10? 18? 25? 
I want them to know that education is never ending- no matter what age you are. You are always learning, and you never know EVERYTHING. Be humble, and continue to learn. That and your mama will always have your back.
Any last comments ? Questions ? Concerns ?
11 Years you say but … do you recall your 16th birthday party ???
OMG YESSSSS. So I’m guessing since we were like 14 or 15? So almost 15 years!!!! 
Me, Meagan and another friend of ours all had our 16th birthday party together at my parents house… It was my favorite birthday party. I think we shoved 22 people into my parents Jacuzzi. We had a football player in a speedo pop out of a box and had a blast with all our friends. 

Comment below if you would like to be my next mom interview 🙂

Yours Truly,

Jade San Nicolas

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