5 Things I do to Start My Morning

5 things I do to start my morning right:
Sometimes we’re halfway through the day wondering what happened to our morning!
Here are five things I try to do every morning, so I feel slightly organized before I find myself making lunch in a pig-sty kitchen:
  1. Make my bed, and clear up my bathroom counter.
  2. Make my best attempt to shower before the kids wake, or right as they are waking. (Usually if I am quick enough I can set them up with a show, some dry cereal and milk.) 
  3. Make my daughters’ beds, and try to clear up the floor in their room (my son will make his own bed) 🙂
  4. Empty the dishwasher, and load it if there are any dishes. (I do my best (95%) of the time to load and turn on my dishwasher right before bed.)
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast. (Follow me on instagram @mommabearfitness to check out some of my breakfast ideas.)
If I can do at least these five things I feel like my morning has been successful.  It helps that I no longer have any newborn children ❤ However, when that was the case I would do all this when she would take her first morning nap! 
This my routine and it is what works for me. Sit down and lay out a few things you think you’d need to complete in the morning to be more organized and less stressed. 
If you can get up before your children to get your day started, I promise you’ll feel much better. Use this time to relax with a coffee and book or start your day right with a little fitness and hot shower (with no crying children outside the door)! 

Yours Truly

Jade San Nicolas

Follow me on Instagram @themeltingpotafb

Comment below with your morning routine!

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