Chores ( With or Without Step Kids )

Chores (Blended family)
“Can you please wash the dishes in the sink, and feed the dog when you’re done eating?”
Does your child have set chores or an allowance?
I have had a few people ask me how I do chores with my stepson, and to be honest with you he doesn’t have a set list of chores. We only have him two Saturdays a month, and the rest are weekdays. This is due to a custody schedule that works best with our blended family life, so chores are difficult to set with that schedule. 
With that being said, most nights we have him are school nights combined with sports practices. Finding down time to enforce a list of chores is just not realistic. However, this does not mean he doesn’t help around the house. If something needs to be done, I usually just ask and most times there is no backlash and it just gets done. If I am asking for help it usually means I am busy and need the actual assistance, not just sitting on the couch drinking a soda and throwing out demands. 
My stepson is very capable of helping with the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, sweeping or helping out with the girls. If I ask him to do something that he claims he cannot do, then I take the time to help him so next time he does know. 
There are a few things that he is expected to do if time permits, like take care of the dog in the morning, make his bed, clean his room and set the table before dinner. Any additional chores get assigned on the spot. 
For example, tonight the littles were being difficult and I think he could see how hard I was trying to keep it all together. After dinner I asked him to do the dishes, and there was quite the sink full, a few pots, plates, cups and Tupperware from earlier in the day. He said ok and went straight to it- no questions asked, or complaints thrown. It was so nice knowing that I could give the girls a bath, and the kitchen was still getting cleaned up. I made sure to help with a few things, and at the end I said he could leave one or two that were a little more difficult to clean. And it’s not that he couldn’t have handled cleaning them, but it’s because he was so sweet and just went to cleaning them when I asked. 
Now don’t let me fool you, he doesn’t always do everything we ask, and it’s not like we never get the eye roll or backlash! However, a majority of the time things get done, and in a timely manner.
The girls chores are the same way: when I need help I’ll ask. Kennedy can put dishes away, and Reagan can put away the kids cups from the dishwasher. The girls love the mop and vacuum, so I am the one who has a harder time sharing those tasks! Kennedy helps put clothes or hangers or pants in drawers if she is readily available when the task needs to get done. They both love to spray anything: windex, granite cleaner or the stainless steel spray … Not always on the correct surface. I believe if I continue to keep the kids involved in the household cleaning activities they enjoy, then I will be able to assign them random tasks as they need completing like I do with Jayden.
This is as far as I’ve gotten with chores, and I do not know what the future will hold.
I did not stage this photo, after writing this blog I went through my phone to see what sort of pictures I had with the kids possibly doing chores. Stumbled upon this sweet picture of Reagan trying out our new mop ❤

Any tips or tricks comment below 🙂
Yours Truly,
Jade San Nicolas
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