10 Tips on How I Keep my House Clean with Two Toddlers and Two Almost Grown Boys. (Yes, I counted my husband too.)

10 Tips on How I Keep my House Clean with Two Toddlers and Two Almost Grown Boys. (Yes, I counted my husband too.)
  1. I am constantly cleaning It’s the truth. I mean there are times where I will stop and sit down for a moment or days where I give up for a few hours but for most of the time you’ll find me constantly keeping up around the house so it doesn’t fall apart.
  1. Each time I move from one room to the next, I will bring things that belong in the next room with me – If I have the kid’s toys, and I am heading to their room I will bring them with me. If there is a ton of them I will pick a number in my head and move 5 (Or whatever arbitrary number I chose) at a time. If I find trash in a room I will bring it to the kitchen as I walk there. The goal is to constantly make small differences each time I leave a room. 
  1. I try my best to vacuum and sweep at least once a day – I know that may sound crazy but the truth is I have a smaller house so it is possible. If you have a large house just pick a small section and do it that day. If I don’t do it once a day, the mess will get out of hand and I begin to stress about it. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.
  1. Hide and Seek – I have made a recent discovery if I play hide and seek with the girls I can secretly do what I suggested in number 2 without the kids making another mess while I’m trying to clean the first one. As I search for them I am putting away toys, or moving things to the correct room.
  1. Give everything a home – I find most messes I do have, are ones filled with random things that don’t have a place for. I will not lie, I have a junk drawer, the problem is it’s not all junk. It consists of the small things in my house that don’t have a place: car keys, my planner, pictures, etc, etc. We don’t have an office at the house so we have a shelf in one of our closets and a drawer. This is my work in progress section of the house 🙂 I find if I have a “home” for an item I am able to not only put them away myself but ask the kids to help. 
  1. Fill the dishwasher every night – Every night before I go to bed I fill and run the dishwasher so all my dishes are clean in them morning. In addition to filling and running it at night I try my best to empty it and put away all the clean dishes first thing in the morning.  Not only does this allows for my kids to put their dishes in the dishwasher each time they use them but it creates a small victory each day to help set the pace.
  1. My husband helps – Yes I said it, he helps!! Usually the garage is his big project but if there are dishes or a big pile of laundry he will help. ❤ Sometimes I have to ask, and sometimes he will just do it. 
  1. I make a weekly chore chart for myself – I have certain tasks that I plan to do each day to help myself from getting overwhelmed. For example : Monday is deep sweeping and mop day, Tuesday is toilets and showers. I catch myself repeating effort and doing these tasks too many times if I do not know when its been done last. 
  1. Laundry on a designated day – Every Friday is laundry day. I drag all the laundry from the bathrooms to the laundry room and I will separate into three loads. Sometimes I have a extra load whether we had more laundry or need to wash the bedsheets. Some of you will ask “How can you get away with that?”… Maybe you can’t, maybe you need to do laundry twice a week. This is just what works for me…. For now. 🙂
  1. Cleaning Fridge/Grocery Shopping – Every Friday I clean out the fridge, empty all the old food, and make a list of the food I need for the week. This list includes meal ideas until the next Friday. This does not mean I know what we will eat each day but I have a list of dinner ideas and I make sure I get the necessary ingredients. 
I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and if you have any you’d like to add, comment below!!!

Sometimes you have to set up a new mess to get another mess cleaned!
Your Truly, 
Jade San Nicolas 
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