Should we be social media friends ?

Guys, you do not need to follow one another on social media!!!
It’s possible to have a decent relationship and to co-parent without following your ex or ex’s new partner on social media.

Just because you guys get along in front of the child/children, and can hold an adult conversation doesn’t mean that you’re the best of friends. It also doesn’t mean that you have the requirement of following each other on social media. 

You don’t need to see their past or the present situations that they are in. You don’t need to stalk the child when they are with the other parent, or stalk the parent to see what they spend their time doing when the child isn’t in your own care. Leave each other to have some privacy! Somewhere for them to still be themselves, without thinking someone is watching their every move.

Allow the peace of mind in that you’re not going to discover things that may have you wasting your time and energy being jealous or stressed. More often than not, it’s something you will have no say in.

Unless it comes to the safety of the child, the other parent needs to be respected to do as they see fit when they have or don’t have the child/children. 

This all being said, I am not saying you can’t follow each other! If you two get along great, and can me mature adults whilst being friends on social media- go ahead!

But, if at any time the other person blocks you or removes your relationship on social media- do not make a big deal of it! The safety of the child does not get affected by whether or not your friends on the internet, but how mature you can be face to face or in the eye of the child.

Yours Truly 

Jade San Nicolas 
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