“Why does daddy go with brother to his mom’s house?”

 “Why does daddy go with brother to his mom’s house?” asked my four-year-old toddler.
  Usually when we drop my stepson off at school, my daughter will ask us if he comes back to us today or will go to his mom’s. But this time her question was a little different. She was under the impression that whenever daddy and brother were gone at the same time, that they were together at the other home. 
  I had to come up with the appropriate response and fast! Who said parenting wasn’t stressful!
  “Baby girl, daddy does not go with brother, he is at work. Whenever your daddy is gone he goes to work, he never stays with brother when he leaves.”
  When she was younger and asked where brother went, we used to just say school. She didn’t know the different days of the week at that point,  but as she has got older we’ve had to change the response. Never did I know that she thought they were together when he was gone. Just goes to show how toddlers’ little minds can work.
  Some people ask, “How do you explain to your kids when their brother or sister leaves to another house?”
  Honestly, there are a variety of appropriate answers, you just need to sit down with your spouse and discuss which one you both feel is best. 
  In a blended family, in any marriage, communication is the key!!
Check out my Blog on Communication!!! 

Sweet Kennedy already wants to be a Firefighter like her daddy ❤

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