StepMom/Mum Community Part 1

Welcome to a Stepmom/mum Community blog part 1! I truly believe that all blended families have a different dynamic! We all have a different amount of Bio kids, and/or Step kids. They are all different ages, with all sorts of different custody schedules! Some of us get along with the BM, others slightly and some not at all. I have created this Community to help you find someone you can familiarize with! Of course, don’t feel like you can only follow one of these amazing mommas, by all means follow us ALL ❤ We are all on this adventure we call life and at some point on our journey of motherhood decided to write blogs or create instagrams to help ourselves or others in this life we are so lucky to call blended! 
Please tag additional Stepmom/mums you follow and would love to share or hear from!
All the Dark Pink you see is written by me, Jade San Nicolas ❤
1. Jade San Nicolas, California,, Stepmom of 1 Son (9), Mom of 2 Girls (4,2).
Throughout my 8 years of experience as a Stepmom I have gone through my own personal ups and downs, dealt with court multiples times, and questioned my position in my stepsons life. But after 8 years I can say we have a health coparenting relationships, with its typical ups and downs. (As we are both women :)) I am living my BEST life and doing all I can to be a positive influence and leader to not only my stepson but his mother as well. Check out to find blogs written on a variety of topics, and tips how I live my BEST life!!! Some of my blogs include: Communication with your spouse about your role, Children and sharing, Title of a Stepmom and how I “Punish” my children/stepson. Not all of my blogs are blended family related. Follow me on Instagram @themeltingpotafb. Thanks for reading.
2. Zoe, Kent, United Kingdom, Instagram @JustStepMum, Stepmum to 3, SD(8), SS(7) and SS(4).
I’ve been in my step children’s lives for 2 years now, living with us on and off for a year and more recently 50:50 custody with BM. There have been highs and lows and I can only imagine there are plenty more to come as I navigate the role of Step Mum. What I found work for some doesn’t work for another, so I guess it’s all about trial and error. Finding what works for you, what role you want to take on and how involved you want to be. We don’t have a great relationship with birth mum and I am reluctant to want anything other than that. I just to get on for the sake of the children. Too many lies have been told and damage has been done, I just don’t feel comfortable in being friends with her. But that’s how I feel and everyone is different. My OH and I are a team and we work well supporting each other where we need too. We have parents but we are also partners and we make sure we find time for ourselves also. That relationship needs to be nourished too. If we are happy we will project happiness on to the children which is the main priority. 🙂
One of my favorite posts of Zoe’s was a quote that said “A great bio mom is not threatened by an equally great stepmom. Instead she embraces her as a team twice as great for her child.”
Ladies not everyone has healthy coparenting relationship but stay positive one day something could just change (they may find a new spouse that changes them:)), and sometimes it may take time! 
3. Jessica Nicole, Tennessee – – A Blog About My Stepmom Journey – Stepmom of two precious babes (boy 8 and girl 5).
We have a long distance blended family in which we currently see the kids during Spring, Summer, and Christmas breaks. I started my stepmom blog as a way to reach out to other women struggling through their stepmom journey. I wanted to share the tools and strategies
I have learned from my experiences so far. My goal is to shine a positive
light on the role stepmoms play and de-stigmatize the blended family
dynamic. I share stories from our family and lessons I’ve learned through them. I thoroughly believe that a blended family can be a beautiful thing if you work at it. Some of my most popular blog posts so far are “Why I Don’t Deal With The Ex-Wife,” “Letting Go of Second Wife Insecurities,” and “Being a Childless Stepmom.” Being a stepmom is by far the hardest and most rewarding thing I have ever done.
Love your family, love yourself, and live your happiest life.
xo – jessicanicole.
As much as most of theses blogs are for stepmoms, many of us stepmoms also hold the title as mother! That means 24/7 Momma job! Check out Jessicas blog post “Why Stepmom self care is so important!” This post is not only for you stepmoms though, this is for anyone!! Self care Mommas!! Don’t forget you need to be the best version of yourself and to be that you need to take care of yourself ❤
4. Vasquez Family Journey, Clovis California,, Mom of 2 (Boy 13, Girl 8), Stepmom of 4 (10,8,6 and 4). We are a Blended family blog helping everyone understand that each Blended family is different and special no matter what. Mom of 2 and one on the way (Stepmom of 4). I have been a step mom for almost 3 years now and let me tell you I have learned that things are not always how you imagine they would be an a Blended family takes work.  Once the ceremony is over and real life sets in where everyone is actually under one roof and it’s no longer just the fun trips or fun outing to get everyone acquainted it’s real life where each other will be there on good days and bad on fun trips or just boring Saturday at home.  Now that we are having one of our own and trying to balance it all we have realized that we have just barely begun to scratch the surface and one thing that has helped us is to look for other married couples to look to for advice and we have recently joined a  mentoring group through a church to be paired with an older blended family married couple to help walk us through some of the ups and downs we are facing right now and to help us know we are not alone and this is just a season and with their wise help, help us see the future for our marriage and our family years down the road.  As for me it was realizing that I am not alone in the feeling of being a stepmom I had to realize that my role with my step kids was not the same as my own kids and that is still something I struggle with a great deal right now.  But all in all this role as a stepmom is something I am still learning how to do and with so many different kid schedules I have learned that what I need is Patience, understanding and the realization that I can not control everything around me but with our faith in God is what’s really helping us. I am truly learning how to be a good step mom one where my step kids one day (when they are grown) can say I was a positive influence in their lives and my own kids as well. I have started a new blog where You can follow our journey and also I will put up tips on how I’m learning to face my struggles and see the positive outcomes and what has helped me so far check out my blog at And follow me on Instagram @vasquezfamilyjourney
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our family my hope and prayer is that I can help other stepmom through the ups and downs of our crazy wonderful journeys. 
5. Courtney Birtell, California, One Not So Bored Mommy Blogspot – PRODUCT REVIEWS/FEATURES/DISCOUNTS/GIVEAWAYS and more, Bio mom to 4 kids (boy 17, girl 15, girl 13, boy 10) and bonus mom to 2 kids (boy 15, boy 11).
I’ve only been a “BONUS” mom for a year and a half (we were married May 2017), but I’ve had plenty of experience in the “mommy world” in general with the four of my own.  No family is perfect, no blending is perfect, and sadly no co-parenting is perfect either, but we did the best we could to make sure that the dynamics of all the personalities would work…before we decided to officially become a family.  With four boys, two girls, two dogs, 2 parents who work outside the home, a baseballer, a full time band performer, a cheerleader, a drama queen, a drama king and a techie/gamer…we are definitely never bored.  My blog is not all about “blended families”, since I’ve been blogging for 10 years (  We changed the name of the blog after we got married and decided that life is clearly far from boring.  You can check out products our family love, things we love to do, and hear about our daily life at One Not So Bored Mommy .  Come check it out and say hello!I thought I would have more Step-mommas/mums for you all. Some will hopefully email me their profiles after I post this … If that is the case I will add a part two Stepmom Community blog!!
I was hoping to have more profiles for you ladies, however I did not receive as many replies as I was expecting. (I think some emails have been stuck/lost in “Spam” 😦 ) With that being said I do foresee another Blog to follow this one Titled StepMom/Mum Community Part 2!!
Let me know what you guys are looking for!!

This is me 🙂

Your Truly 
Jade San Nicolas 

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