Agree to Disagree

  We are redoing our backyard at our house and this last week I swear me and the hubs could not get on the same page. We weren’t fighting per say, but we could not agree on how to do things. I wanted red bricks, he wanted gray. I wanted green plants, he wants flowers. There were a few days of back and forth disagreements, yet we were trying very hard to be on the same page with one another. We can usually compromise over things, but there are times where we just cannot get on the same page. We are both set in our ways and neither is willing to change. So this time I gave in…
  I agreed to disagree. 
  At first he was a little hesitant, thinking I was just getting mad and throwing my hands up saying “Fuck it”. But I really was not!! I honestly just agreed to disagree. In the end, all he really wanted was to make the backyard really nice looking, and we both had our own opinion of what nice looked like. 
  I have decided to step back from this project and put my head into another. Truth is, there are tons of house projects to be done and we don’t need to share this one if we cannot get along to do it! I want the process of building our dream yard to be a positive experience! 
  As much as this is a perfect lesson for any marriage, this can also be a good lesson in step-parenting. Sometimes you and your step-kid’s mom or dad are not going to get along, sometimes Dad and Mom will not agree on things about the kids (This might just be one of the reasons they aren’t married or together anymore). 
Sometimes the best way to move on is to….

Yours Truly 
Jade San Nicolas
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