Innocent Vegas trip almost gone Catastrophic

…And there we were, in the midst of silence although I could feel his blood boiling.
Eight years together and we were on our first trip to Las Vegas alone, without our three children in tow. The drive was relaxing, minimal traffic, and we were able to talk uninterrupted, listen to music without worrying whose little ears were around, and not having to worry about someone getting fussy but still having distance to travel. 
We made it in the middle of the day, and Husband worked his magic to get us a free room upgrade: Jacuzzi tub and strip view!
We had elaborate plans to walk the strip, eat dinner, see a show and maybe even end up at a club…
However we ended up walking the strip, waiting for pizza for an hour, and walking a Human body museum at 9pm SOBER! Haha I guess we didn’t have enough time away from the kids to recall what it’s like to be 21 and kidless. Remember those days? You could stay up all night, drink as much as you want, and start over the next day. But now? 
Well, we did enjoy the museum, it was on our list of To Dos. But then, we headed back to our room and went to bed by 11pm. 
The next day we spent the whole day at a convention for my husband, and then enjoying a kid free lunch before heading home. Sounds nice, right? Well, that is when things almost went wrong!
My husband usually drives, as he takes the role of gentleman very well! Drives, opens doors, and does all he can to take care of me and the kids even when he is worn out. But this time he “let” me drive!! (Now, don’t get all upset: I am “allowed” to drive. I drive myself, and the kids all the time. But when we are together, he prefers to do it as he is just a gentleman.)
So we start driving, and we have about 3/4 tank of gas, so I assumed we could make it pretty far! The traffic was minimal, and it was another relaxing drive home. We were listening to some Ted talks and podcasts. During one of those episodes I noticed our gas was now getting close to 1/4 tank. 
Sooooo I said something like ….
“Hey babe how far is Barstow? We will need gas soon.”
He proceeds to reply with something like …
“It’s not too far away.”
Hmmmm I decided in my head he probably looked at the gas gauge and saw how much we had and knows we’ll make it.
We continue to drive and then the fuel light goes on …
I repeat my question about how far we have to go and this time he notices the gas gauge!!
Ohhhhhhhh was he MAD! The car we were driving is usually his work vehicle, but before that it was my car, so I knew I had about 30 miles, at least, when the light goes on. (I may have pushed it a little when I use to drive and didn’t have enough funds for gas.)
He was so mad! If anyone knows my husband, he does not get mad easy and when he does get mad he does not show it. 
But this time he may have raised his voice a bit. 
Let me just preface this with: we don’t yell in our relationship. I think we have raised our voices at one another maybe three times. Due to our past relationships we knew this was not a successful way to communicate so we just don’t. 
So when someone is soooo mad, but doesn’t yell or cuss (We do not call each other names either, never have) he just tells you how disappointed he is in you and how he’s never letting you drive again.
While he goes on and on I just sit there in silence giggling inside !
Oh and
…calculating how far we have to go
…trying not to go to high on the RPM
…hoping we make it!
…I also figured well it’s about 3pm if we run out of gas, we have no kids so we can run to the closet gas station ( which was 28 miles from us ) and probably get back before dark! 
He looks up on his phone the closest one and said its 33 miles…. Eeeek I say inside! 
Luckily we rolled up on a gas station about 20 miles from where this all began! Of course the cost was about $1.50 higher than any other gas station! But I think most people getting gas in the middle of the desert are desperate.
All I could do at this point was laugh out loud!!! He was stillll soooo upset and I could see him taking breaths to calm down!
Guess what I did! Filled up some gas while he went inside to get a snack, then when he came out I went inside to find a souvenir! Yep a reminder for him on how we almost had to trek 20 plus miles in the desert! 
I was almost laughing still and when the lady asked me what I was looking for and I asked for a souvenir. She said Why! Why would you want a souvenir from in the middle of the desert? So I proceeded to tell her the story and how I wanted to gift it to my husband as a reminder of how much he loves me! There were two women working, and they thought It was hilarious! They loved how I was so upbeat about the whole thing. They only had a handful of items in the store so together we chose the best one and she gave me it for half price.
Guys if we broke down it would have been a story! Better or worse, I’m not sure- but the moral of this one is even when things may be going bad or went bad, try find a way to look at the positive (or the humor!)! 
Enjoy life you only get one!!


Your Truly 


Jade San Nicolas 

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