Would you Like One on One Blended Family Coaching?

“Im relieved to know that people do care about where I’m at with Step-motherhood and is willing to share her experience and advice. Definitely recommend @themeltingpotafb because she will DM you to make sure you are equipped even when she’s on the other side of the globe” – Eliza E. ( New Zealand )
“Your posts are helping to remind me that the patience, love and understanding my husband and I relied on back then has gotten us to where we are now.” 
“Your blog is truly universal love … try put yourself in someone else shoes, be kind to people, care for the most vulnerable first” Lissa R. ( Southern Florida ) 
“The blog is good, I like the layout, easy to navigate… I think you handled the situation well.” (Bio mom referring to my “Title of a Stepmom” Blog Post) – Brooke (California)
“I never thought of it from the stepmom’s point of view. I had several stepmothers growing up and I wish they had the classiness that you do. It sounds like your children are blessed to have a stepmom that is willing to step back and take the emotions out and do what’s best for the child. I love your heart!!” – Unknown (Comment found on blog)
“I love reading your blogs! A positive journey ahead for me and my blended family xxx” – Unknown (Comment from blog)
“I can’t stop reading your blog posts!! Your bonus son is so lucky to have you in his corner. He may not call you Mom now but you are a great mother figure in his life and when he is older he will look back and truly understand your influence on his life. Keep leading with your heart!” – Unknown ( Comment on blog )
Above you see just a few of the positive reviews I have received in just three months of having my blog. I would love to start making some one of one connections with mommas and help them learn to live their BEST life while in a blended family.
Please email me if you are interested in having more one on one contact with me ❤


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