Fitness Goals (How I stay motivated!)

I think it’s true we can say all of us have some sort of fitness goal(s). Lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, get tone, get abs….

Whatever your goal may be ladies, you need to start somewhere! Find a friend or a program to hold you accountable.

Below I will list a few things I do to stay motivated!

Attached are also a few links to programs you can sign up for that will help you hold yourself accountable. Some links include fitness products to help you build a gym at home!

  1. I love some New Gear. Workout cloths that is … New sports bra that fits just right and some new yoga pants that I know aren’t allowing others to take a peak. Check out some very fancy looking yoga pants. Yoga Leggings
  2. A Water Bottle I love! Right now I carry around a metal water bottle, with my name on it. I enjoy ice cold water and love how my children can’t just take a sip from the straw leaving their back wash for my next sip ! (If you are interested in a custom water bottle let me know, I can do it, or I have a friend who has access to all the correct equipment. )
  3. Motivation ! Sometimes I need my husband to drag me into the garage, no guys not literally drag!! Other days a motivation you tube video will do the trick. There are plenty of times I just get my butt out there and don’t find motivation until I’ve completed my warmup!
  4. Having a set Workout, one I have designed or my husband, or even something I found online is the best way for me to get started and complete it. I find if I just go to the gym, or garage and start moving I don’t seem to push myself as hard.
  5. Music! Music is a must for me to get in a successful workout. Others would rather listen a book or podcast. Click here to find a book you’ve been wanting to read, combine it with a workout and you’ll feel amazing when your done. The trick is, do not allow yourself to listen to it unless your working out, walking included. It in itself will be a motivation to move! 50% Off your first digital audiobook

Side Note: I worked out so many times with my mom in front of our TV to Jillian Michals DVDS, and spent plenty hours of my life watching her on the Biggest loser. She is amazing and kept me pumped. Check out the link below I am sure you’ll love her! (Let me know if you don’t and why!)

Get meal plans, workouts and the support you need to get fit and strong with Jillian Michaels. Start your 7-Day Free Trial!

Another Company Ive ran into that can help keep you motivated and on track is Kudos.

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