SAHM on a Budget

ASAHM on a Budget

Are there any other Stay-at-Home Moms out there trying to keep the budget tight?

When my husband and I started to get serious, we had one of “the talks”. I told him that although we were both going to medic school together, my goal was to be a stay at home mom- at least while my children are young. 

As you know, if you have been reading my blog, when I first met him he came as a package deal! He brought his son along into the relationship; but, it was not time for me to take on the role of stay at home mom quite yet. I actually worked most of the hours, while my husband did a chunk of school during the first few years of our relationship- knowing our plan was for him to eventually be the sole bread winner, and me stay home when we had more kids.

When we decided that I would be a stay at home mom, I knew that meant we would need a budget and would have to live within our means. So that budgeting started from the day we met. Let’s be honest- I have always had a tight budget, I just had to work a man into the idea of having one too. Let me tell you … NOT the easiest thing that I’ve done in my life. CONSISTENCY, and LOVE were the keys to making it work!

Once he finished his schooling, he worked full time and I would only work enough hours to supplement our income so we could survive, and prevent credit card usage. If we both worked full time and made all this money and then I got pregnant, it would have been harder to go from a duel income to single. 

Now that I am officially a SAHM and we are able to keep on track with our budget we can finally enjoy life. Of course my husband does work the occasional overtime shift for addition money but we try our best to live off of his base pay. 

Here are a few of my Top Tips to keep yourself on budget :

  1. FOOD: I know food is a huge area where people spend different amounts of money. Personally, I try to make a meal plan for the week and create a grocery list on Thursday, doing my shopping on Fridays. I shop on Friday because that is pay day, I make sure we get the food we need for the week before we have the opportunity to spend our money elsewhere, or  end up having to use a credit card
  2. ORDER groceries!! You know how much money I save when I order my food online and have no children picking extra snacks, or having to feed them snacks while we just get through the store successfully? TONS! It also prevents me from getting the extra things I don’t need. Sign up for Amazon Delivery and you can get groceries ordered online and delivered to you (so long as they are in your area)!  A fellow friend of mine also mentioned a few other options that include InstaCart (for a $99 annual fee), Shipt!
  3. ELIMINATE: Get rid of that crazy high TV/Cable bill and get yourself an Amazon Fire Stick (Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player)or Apple TV. We haven’t had cable in a few years, and we’ve found a way to survive just fine using the apps.
  4. SAY NO: Say no as much as possible to that credit card! It is so easy to swipe that card- and before you know it the numbers add up fast! If you can afford it and do not need it, don’t get it, it’s that simple!!
  5. BUDGET: I know that is what this whole blog is about, but I mean sit down with you husband, look at your income and your bills and decide what sort of extra money you may have and where it should go. Savings for that random car registration we all receive as a surprise, or that oil change you’ve been avoiding, or maybe you make enough to go out for dinner once a week. Whatever it is that you decide, make sure you and your spouse are on the same page and communicate! Money is such a massive issue in relationships, so start talking about it from the beginning! 

Hope you enjoy some of those tips and they help you be the stay at home mom you want to be!!

Yours Truly 

Jade San Nicolas 

Find me on Instagram @themeltlingpotafb

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Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player

Amazon Delivery

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