How Blogging Started to Hurt my Relationship!

Hey there,

I have been so excited to dive into this new blog, it is something that I’ve discovered I really enjoy. It is something for me, and I’ve become very passionate about it and helping all of you! I really enjoy getting personal connections with you guys and helping you grow and learn as I have.


It started to hurt my relationship. All I could think about was what to write next, how to get my content to more mommas and trying to find out what you all wanted more of!

I forgot what it was like when my husband starts a new hobby or become extremely passionate about things. His whole life becomes that thing, his mind, his actions and his words. That became me about this blog.

He came home from work and the first thing I wanted to talk about was my blog connections, or something I read on social media, a review I received or a sad story. Don’t get me wrong guys he is 100% supportive of this whole thing!!! That doesn’t mean it is all he wants to hear about.

Ooopps! It is ok, I learned fast where I needed to use my time. 

So I have decided to not blog while he is home, to spend that as quality time with him and try to find some continued balance in my life with my family, my husband and my new passion for blogging.

It wasn’t only my husband that I was starting to have trouble with. Sometimes I would find myself on my computer while I had two little toddlers grabbing my legs. I would get mad at them because I wanted to complete a blog post or a Instagram post, and I would lose my patience for them. Poor babies all they wanted was mommy to play.

I am so thankful for a few things.

First off, I learned this valuable lesson early in the game.

Secondly, I need to remind myself this life is about balance.

And Third, this blog does not make me money and is not paying my bills. It is a hobby and for that reason it definitely needs to be a part of my life when it fits in and not get in the way of other healthy relationships!

It is something I really enjoy doing and to keep my family balance in line I need to remind myself to use my time wisely!!

With this being said I do suggest anyone who wants to start blogging to go ahead and do it!! I wished I had started sooner, if anything it could be an online journal of advice for your children to one day access. Maybe your older children will find it sooner than later and be more open to reading life advice you have over hearing it come from your mouth while they are in trouble 🙂

I wished I had use WordPress ( WP Engine – Homepage )sooner but its ok now I can tell you where to start.

Message me with any questions!

Your Truly 

Jade San Nicolas 

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