Fire Wife – Husbands Transition Home

Every fire wife, military wife or even any wife knows that there are times their husband comes home and need a transition period before jumping right into parenting. Hell we as moms need this period in the mornings but we all know with young ones that rarely happens.

I have tried, I have tried many a times to wake before my children but right now they typically wake between 5 and 6am, and I just can’t get myself to wake before 5.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned over the years when helping not only my husband transition back into the home but helping myself and my children as well.

Tip #1 I always try to reach out to my husband before he arrives home to see how his night was, see how he is feeling and if there are any plans he has for the day. (As you continue to check on his needs hopefully he will return this sort of courtesy.)

Tip #2 I try my best to not have any expectations from him because I never know what his night has been like. I am fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom so I don’t have to worry about rushing off to work or school.

Tip #3 When I hear from him, if he needs some rest, time to himself to workout or has some sort of plans that don’t involve the children I take them to my workout or to the park. You do not have to do this just because I am saying it, but it works for us.

Tip #4 Before he arrives home I always try to get the kids pumped for his arrival, sometimes we will play hide and seek, letting him find them when he gets home.

Tip #5 I TRY my best to put down what I am doing and greet him, spend a minute or two saying hi before I get back to what I am doing.

Tip #6 Per husband as I am writing this … Perform sexual favors as he arrives … No emoji face really matches what you are all making as you read this one.

Tip #7 If I see the kids or him getting anxious I try my best to separate them and get them to in another room or doing another activity. Sometimes they just need a slower warm up.

Tip #8 Don’t forget they may not need time to decompress when they first arrive, they might really need that family connection. However, as the day continues they may find out they are losing patients and need a few minutes to themselves.

Tip #9 Pay attention to what sort of activities help them relax. For my husband it involves working out or just getting a few minutes alone to clean out the garage preparing for the workout.

I hope you all find these helpful! Message me with any comments or concerns!

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Your Truly

Jade San Nicolas

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