Worst First Date Stories

Hi there ladies,

I look forward to the amount of entertainment this will bring to you all and feel free to comment below with your best worst date story!!

I’ll start … Now don’t judge me for what I am about to share! I am not the type of woman that needs fancy things, or gifts. My love language is Quality time, and my husband would now say acts of service. 

I was a student, doing my clinical rotation at the hospital when I met this guy. We exchanged numbers same day and then began a texting relationship. We texted for about a week and he decided it was time to go on a date. I was ok with it, until he insisted it was Disneyland. While some of you may be upset that I was mad about going to Disneyland, let me just tell you… its not really a first date sort of place. After a lot of convincing from him and me deciding Disneyland is a pretty neat place to go, since I hadn’t been in years, the plan was made. He picked me up and about 10 minutes into the car ride I knew I had made a bad decision. It was so awkward, he tried to hold my hand and I am not touchy, especially if I just met you. We make it awkwardly all the way up to Disneyland then when we get in line he tells me he is going to buy me a year pass. Guys!!! I hope your already laughing and recall when I said my love language was NOT gifts (aka. money being spent on me). I insisted on him not doing this especially because I had already decided this was the last date. He wouldn’t not let me say no, bought the pass then we had to go stand in a long line to take my picture. After basically having our first fight (last). Picture was taken, then we go about our day … this is what I don’t remember. I do not remember anything else during the time we were at Disneyland… not to give you the impression I was drugged or unconscious, I was very much alert. I just don’t recall the day. The next thing I remember is the drive home and being ready to be home and done, butttttt he insisted on dinner. I couldn’t say no he just spent a whole ton of money on me. We went to dinner. I survived and then he dropped me off. I didn’t text him once after that drop off. Poor guy, he was so sweet but NOT my type. It gets better, I become a Paramedic years later and get a job in the same town I met him during my training. I didn’t know that until I ran into him at the hospital one day. Then a month or so after working my new job I was his partner on an ambulance. Oh man! He remembered me but thank goodness did not bring up what happened years ago, just said in the beginning of the shift, I remember you. Thank goodness I was nice during the date!!! 

-Jade 🙂

“We went to dinner and a photographer came to our table and wanted to take a picture of us kissing (we literally met a hour ago), I settled for a kiss on the cheek, went back to his place after dinner to watch a movie and he asked me for a back massage. I laughed because I thought he was kidding. He was serious … we didn’t see each other after that.”


“Guy picks me up in a two seater car, brings me to a broken down bumper car mulligans center, buys me a kids pizza and tells me how he can’t wait for me to see his pe***”


“So my bad first date was really nothing horrible, but just a big dud of a date!

I was a year and a half out of a 9 year relationship and had no clue how to date! I met my ex in high school, so I was really starting over! A kind co-worker of mine said she had someone that she thought would be great for me. She tells me how successful he is successful and he is high up at IBM and lives in Vegas. 

She shows me some pictures and with hesitation and nervousness I agreed to take his number and we texted for a little while and made plans for a first date. He was going to fly out here and meet me for a first date! I was excited, nervous and remained skeptical of course! So skeptical that I planned for my sister and best friend to be around the corner in case I needed rescuing if it went bad!

We met in downtown Huntington at BJ’s where he showed up WET from walking there from his hotel (it was raining) looking very dorky in a half zip up sweater!! Conversation was terrible from the moment he arrived! All I can remember thinking was “Why are we still talking about the weather!” (It was drizzling that day). We were not connecting and I knew that, but I don’t think he was quite on the same page! We decided to go one more place and I texted my girls to meet me there to loosen things up! 

When we arrived at the next bar, the girls showed up SO DRUNK! Which was fine with me, I used them as an excuse to end the date. Of course, I NEEDED to take them home. It was about 7pm at this point. I said we needed to wrap it up and head home. As I was driving HIM back to his hotel he tried and tried to convince me to come back to his hotel and go in the jacuzzi! (No way buddy!) 

I dropped him off at his hotel and felt relief that the awkwardness was over! He later texted me some pretty rude things about how immature I was for having my friends show up on our date, blah blah blah! Come to find out, my co-worker had NEVER actually met this guy! She found him on E-Harmony and didn’t like him so she sent him my way, what the heck! She was filtering through her matches by income and this big wig made three figures! Great for him, but money doesn’t buy happiness! Good luck to you buddy! She was never trusted to set me up again!”


“One night I went out with a friend to a party that her boyfriend was a DJ at.. a badass halloween party, I even went dressed as a candy fairy! 

As the night went on and drinking games continued, I met a guy named Mike he seemed sweet.. light eyes and dark hair! We hit it off and he thought I was hilarious. (BONUS) so he asked me to lunch the following afternoon.

Onto the next day, I beg my sister in law to go with since I knew absolutely nothing about this dude other than his name.. to this day I still don’t know his last name…. YIKES. Anyway he asked me to pick him up from his house…… RED FLAG… when we got there it had 10 cars parked in & around the driveway. He had us follow him inside to grab something but his “room” was a mattress separated by a shower curtain in the living room. RED FLAG. He then asked if I could take him to buy a baby shower gift for his friend so we said sure… drove him to target as he wondered around aimlessly wasting time so the lunch hour would pass.. as we walk back to MY car he says “oh no, I really need to get to the baby shower can you take me?”

So there was never a lunch date and when I brought him to a trailer park for some baby shower set up on a park bench he was introducing me to these people i had no intention of getting to know. 

I looked at my sister in law and yelled “we need to get the fuck outta here I had  beer goggles on”


“So one time while I was in high school this guy asked me out. I didn’t know very much about him but he was cute so I said what the heck! He asked me to the movies and it turned out that my best friend and his best friend were going to join us (not as dates, just as sidekicks I guess lol). My best friend didn’t have any money at the time so I gave her all of mine (which was just enough to pay for the movie) because I figured this guy asked me out so he would pay for the movie right!? Boy was I wrong!! So the four of us got to the movies. My friend went to the counter and bought her ticket, his friend went to the counter and bought his ticket. Then my date went to the counter. At the same time my phone rang so I stepped away to take the call. When I was done I asked my friend if she had seen my date but our tickets and she said yes. So we all walk up to the guy taking tickets. My friend hands him her ticket, his friend hands his ticket over and then my date gives him ONE ticket!!! One ticket for him and no ticket for me!!! Remember at this point I have no money to even buy a ticket because I had given it all to my friend! I was mortified and just standing there looking like an idiot. Thankfully the ticket guy caught in to what had happened and had mercy on me. He just let me through without a ticket. I was fuming the whole movie!! I couldn’t even focus because I was so mad!!! All I wanted to do was get out of there! Finally the movie ended and my date asked if there was anything else I wanted to do! Ummmm hell no!! I just wanted to go home so I made some excuse up and he took me home. He even tried to kiss me while dropping me off! Again yeah right! Then to top it off he called the next day to asked me out again!! Needless to say the answer was NO! WORST DATE EVER!!!”


After collecting these I asked my husband for his worst first date story. He said he didn’t have any … so either he didn’t because he was a hopeless romantic and as per his words he didn’t date shady people like me (Oh man!) Orrrr because he’s a man and like the rest of the men above they just don’t know what a shitty date is !?!

I know a few other mommas planned to send me their stories!! Do not be shy, I will easily add them to this blog post in a heart beat ❤

Your Truly 

Jade San Nicolas 

Find me on Instagram @themeltingpotafb

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