Self Care- When I found myself crying on the Bathroom floor

We all know that as mothers we often forget about ourselves. Then one day we find ourselves crying in the bathroom, on the floor (this was me a few months ago), hiding from the kids, yelling at them because we don’t know what else to do, or handing them off to our worn-out husbands before they even take their shoes off after work. 
Mommas you have to take care of yourself!!!
You can’t be the BEST mom without being at the top of your game, and you can’t be there if you aren’t feeling good about yourself!! Yes, you are a mother and you have kids; but, you are also human! You are not only a mother, but a wife or girlfriend, an aunt, a nurse, doctor, or librarian. Don’t let motherhood be the only thing that defines you.
I recently took a 30-day self-care challenge at my place of workout! It was great, and you got to witness so many moms do things to take care of themselves that they would have never done without the encouragement! When the challenge was over, everyone seemed to have just stopped doing any self-care. I am sure it was still maybe being done, but not to the same extent! I decided to start a 30-day self-care challenge of my own! I posted it on social media to see if anyone else wanted to join in. The challenge is as simple as making sure each day you are doing something for yourself! I posted what I did, and hoped everyone would do the same. It is great to get ideas from one another and see how others take care of themselves!
Taking care of yourself doesn’t have to be anything huge. You don’t have to go on a 2-week vacation… I mean if you can, you better go, but if you don’t have time for that, self-care can consist of so many different things! Anywhere from a face mask, reading a book, taking a bath alone in candle light, taking a walk and just enjoying the view and fresh air, all the way to a 3-day cruise or 2-week vacation overseas. 
We spend so much time on our phones, looking at social media and catching up (and comparing) on everyone else’s lives- could you imagine spending that time on you?
When I had real little ones, as soon as they went to bed I would fall asleep too! I was always so tired, and to survive having littles with my husband’s schedule I caught up on any extra zzzz’s that I could! But now that my littlest is 2, I have been making a little more time for myself. This does not mean you need to wait until your youngest is 2!!! It just took that long for me to figure out how much better I show up as a wife and mother when I am a better version of myself.
With that being said, even when I am tired now, I will at least try to commit 30 minutes to doing something for just me before I go to bed. Whether it is writing a blog post, reading 30 minutes of my book (Book list is on my page, in the progress of adding as I read), or even put on a facemask and paint my nails while it’s working.
Ladies love yourself!! If you have something you’ve been wanting to do, make time and do it!! 
Do you want to…
-Learn the guitar? Try YouTube!
-Learn a language ? Books, YouTube, Apps! 
-Go to school ? Start one class! 
-Lose weight? Start with a small 4 minutes Tabata, 15 min HIIT workout, or a brisk walk in the fresh air!! 
-Self-help ? Books everywhere. No time to read? Try listening to audiobooks, or podcasts!
Don’t be afraid, go out and get it mommas!!!
Sit down, write down what you need to be happier and find a way to make it happen. 
Don’t forget to communicate the importance of this self care to your spouse or partner! They may not be supportive at first but remind them it is something you both need. Maybe they need a little self care of their own before they really understand how  important it is.
This is your life and you only get one so make it the BEST life!
Your Truly 
Jade San Nicolas
The Melting Pot – A Family Blog 
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