5 tips on how I grew my Pinterest views from 4k to 115k in less than 6 Weeks!

After including my blog and new business on Pinterest, I wanted to grow my views but wasn’t sure how. 

I trialed Tailwind and loved it, but wasn’t yet making money off my blog so I didn’t want to spend a lot to keep it going. I couldn’t figure out the best design on Pinterest to get people to actually click on the posts, so I tried a few different designs until one started getting clicks.

Here are my 5 tips on how to grow your Pinterest views without spending money.

  1. Download Spark Post! (Or some sort of program that will help you create posts.)
  2. Create a design that was simple. (My most successful post for me is a picture darkened with simple text written on top in white.) Remember this may not be the correct design for your blog but it works the best for me.
  3. Post every day. I’ve noticed that if I do not post each day, my views go down!
  4. Post the same pin to multiple boards. (Quickest way to post more than one, I would create one post and then re pin it to multiple boards.) This is my biggest tip … It saves me so much time, I can create 3 posts and pin them to 10 different boards! That means 30 in like 5 minutes 🙂
  5. Constantly review which pins are actually getting views compared to someone clicking it to get to my blog. 

I am still getting started with this whole blog thing and Pinterest views. However, In just a few months I have come far, and increased my views by almost triple since the start. Hope you find these helpful ❤

Yours Truly

Jade San Nicolas 

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