Mommi-View 004 Victoria Curtis (My sister in law) Military Reserve – Full time Momma married to an Army Medic.

A little about Victoria:

Myself- well… I grew up in New Mexico, joined the army in 2014 as an airborne healthcare specialist/ combat medic and got married to my husband who I met in Italy in 2015 and the same year we had our first son! 6 weeks after our first son being born I found out I was already pregnant with our second son! I decided to separate from the active army in 2016 and be in the reserves so I could stay at home with the boys! So now I’m a stay at home mom and I workout a lot as my hobby! 

My favorite part about having the boys is that they’ve taught me how to become a little more patient and to control my temper… it was a hard road at first but they’ve forgiven me! (Lol) The boys are best friend and do everything together and I just love watching them grow ❤️ 

The hardest part about being a mom so far is learning how to also take care of myself… the first two years of motherhood I definitely lost who I was. I was so busy taking care of my family that I honestly didn’t even know who I was anymore and it put a strain on my marriage and on my parenting because I was so unhappy… But as I started to get into my fitness training I slowly started to remember the bad ass victoria I used to be… but just a little more house trained now 😅 haha 

With two young children how do you find the motivation to workout every day?

I am not motivated everyday to workout… (even though most days I am because I LOVE it) but because I started a routine with my boys it’s gotten so easy to just go! we wake up and get to the gym and then start the rest of the day like clockwork… same time everyday and something about that makes it so easy 🤗

My favorite motivational video would have to be any one from David goggins he is a dang beast and definitely gets me through my dark moments… 

My favorite part of my body… hmmm well I actually have always loved my long eyelashes! Haha and I’m proud of the fact that my poor belly went back to normal after the kids! (Blessed) 

What do you enjoy doing with your boys and husband ?

I love sitting on the couch with my boys and my husband watching man vs wild… so relaxing and easy and we all love watching him do crazy stuff 🤗

What is something you and your hubby do together?

My husband and I drink tea and talk when the boys are playing or sleeping and it’s great just getting that time with him… also I love getting to go to the gym with my husband because he’s so dang handsome! haha ❤️ 

As of right now my fitness goals are to gain muscle throughout this year… and then hopefully do a bikini competition next year because that’s always been a dream of mine 🙂

I have watched Victoria not only grow as a mother, and find herself but grow some intense mommy muscles!!

Check her out on Instagram at @Curtis_fitmom!!

Your Truly

Jade San Nicolas

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