Ever wonder if you should slow down?

Every wonder if you should slow down ?

Well you probably should.

The other day, I went to the dollar store to let the girls pick out some stuff for Father’s Day. When we went to get in line to checkout, there were two ladies ahead of me who already appeared a little “over the situation”. The first lady in line had ordered about 10 balloons, so the cashier was blowing them up; however, she was the only one on shift. The lady who had ordered the balloons was getting what she needed but began to grow impatient. The cashier was not being slow, and she was not being rude: she was doing her job to the best of her abilities. The lady asked if there was anyone else working today or if she was alone, and the cashier informed her and the rest of the line (that had now grown 6 deep) that the other helper was on their break. Impatient lady #1 asked why there were only two people working, which the cashier proceeded to explain per the state the girl needed her break. Let me remind you, we were in the dollar store at 10 am on a Sunday. As the cashier completed the balloon order and checked out Lady #1, lady #2 ahead of me slowly got a little anxious, as did the old man behind me. My girls began to notice the tension, but were behaving really well. Lady #2 looked at me and I said “It is the dollar store, not Nordstroms.” She wasn’t sure how to react, but as I said this I hoped that I said it loud enough for the few people behind us to hear as well. Lady #2 also ordered balloons which made me laugh inside because she was irritated that Lady #1 had. And of course I wanted a balloon too, and by this time the line was about 10 deep down into an aisle. I giggled inside seeing all these people grow anxious over the pace of the line at a dollar store on a Sunday morning. There are so many other things that are going on in this world that are actually deserving of stress, and this was not one of them. As I placed my balloon order, the second cashier returned from break. I was waiting to see the brawl as people fought over who should be served first at the other register. Luckily there was no brawl and I left. I left the first cashier with some sweet words, acknowledging her efforts to satisfy the people and to keep up the good work. And of course, to enjoy her day !

Have you ever been the people in this line?

Ever taken a moment when you are in a rush, or getting anxious over little things to think … Is this really worth it? Will this affect me in 5 minutes, 5 months or even 5 years?

In addition to this, do you ever get frustrated your computer or phone isn’t working fast enough? 

Ever stop to think it is and maybe you are working too fast ?

Are there days where you are home with your kids all day but when it’s time for bed you think, “Have I looked in my child’s eyes once today?” “Did I play with them at all?” “Did I really listen to anything they were excited to say to me?”

If any of these are you … It may be time to sloooowwww down 🙂

Just a friendly reminder, we only live once, make sure you enjoy the adventure ❤

Your truly 

Jade San Nicolas 

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