No one Warned me …

What they didn’t tell us about getting pregnant and having kids?

When I was growing up everyone would tell me that delivering a baby was hard, and pregnancy can be tough but they did not tell me all the things that came along with parenting.

No one warned me when I was pregnant and then had a newborn that:

I could be sick during my entire pregnancy not just the first trimester.

Pregnancy was not always beautiful.

You would be tired all the time. 

Being pregnant when you have a toddler can be torturous.

No one told me:

I wouldn’t be holding my eyes open so I wouldn’t fall asleep while my toddler ran around the house! 

After I gave birth my vagina would be soooooo big!! (But eventually get normal 🙂 )

How painful breastfeeding could be… How many times a child would want to breastfeed and how hard it was to breastfeed with other needy children in the house.

How much my breastmilk would leak all over my shirts or the bed.

Breastfeeding would occur in a school or Kohl’s parking lot!

How lonely some days would be even having someone with you ALL the time.

No one warned me when I had a toddler or two:

I would have to find myself being two different people at the same time or be expected to be in two places at once.

I would clean up one mess while two others are being made.

I would always have food on my floor, no matter how many times I swept in one day. 

Secret drawings would show up on my walls in crayon or marker.

I would wipe so much ass in the middle of eating dinner while currently chewing on      food. 

I would eat so much chewed up food, or left over snacks.

My purse would forever be carrying snacks, and baby wipes.

I would have to carry hand sanitizer with me for the rest of my life.

I would help put on so many shoes, and have so many fights with a toddler over socks and shoes.

No one warned me when I had a School age child:

I would be helping with so much homework (that I didn’t always understand).

I would lose my patience over the little things.

My oldest would be harder than my youngest.

I would be expected to help with homework, breastfeed and get a snack for a toddler at the same time.

I would have to sit in silence on their bed so they know I am being present in the situation even if no words are being spoken … Or lay on their bed so they could fall asleep but couldn’t touch them.

I would be driving around town for school and sports with two screaming toddlers in the car on multiple occasions.

Car rides would never be peaceful again.

No one warned me my 10 year old would act 16, and my 2 year old would act 10.

No one warned me how my relationship with my husband would change with one, two or three children:

That there would be times we are so warn out that we just sit in silence after the kids go to bed.

No one warned me that I would have off days, or weeks and it was ok.

No one told me:

Getting a babysitter would be impossible and then even if you did the kids might not approve.

A hour trip to Costco with the hubby would be a date night.

We’d have to plan dates weeks in advance to make them happen.

No one warned me that:

We wouldn’t agree on all aspects of parenting.

We would have to have so many important conversations – Discipline, Food, Finances, Savings, Kids futures, chores, etc. and forget about what we talked about before kids.

Life with kids is something else, but it is also the most amazing thing and I wouldn’t change it! My children have not only taught me so much in life, but remind me daily how to act like a kid and appreciate the little things!

Please feel free to add your own comments below!

I would love to hear what else everyone else has come to discover with parenting and no warning 🙂

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Your Truly

Jade San Nicolas

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