Do your kids drive you nuts sometimes?

Do your children ever drive you crazy?

For Example:

As soon as you sit down on the couch they need something or decide they want you?

Be on the phone and they increasingly get loud or decide they need to tell you a story?

Be talking to a friend and they want to play?

Be using the bathroom and they bust in and ask you to brush their hair or help them get a snack?

Mine do all of the above, especially when I attempt to sit on the couch to relax.

There are days I am better off not even looking at the couch, let alone thinking I can sit down and relax on it.

However, I have recently noticed when my kids are acting out, it is usually when I have been busy all day. They always behave so well when I am playing with them or attending to just them.

Last week I left town for three days and my children stayed with my husband. When I returned he was telling me about how well they were for him and how sweet they were. Later on that night I asked if he had made a phone call I requested him to do for me and his reply was … “I didn’t get anything done the last three days!” I just giggled and made him repeat it a few times. He got a little glimpse of how busy life can be with kids. He continued to explain, he believed the children were so well behaved for him because all he did the three days I was gone was focus on the children: playing, entertaining and feeding.

Yes!!!! All Yes!! 

He was so right, when I focus on just the kids and forget about laundry, cleaning, working out, or anything else it takes to keep a home functioning they are so well behaved. With that being said, there are times where my daughter gets upset, or hurt and all I have to do is drop everything I am doing and give her a hug, not even saying anything just allowing her my attention. Once she feels she achieved that and feels a little better she just gets out of my hug and back to what she was doing.

I know there are occasions where I am doing something or unable to provide them my 100% attention but when I do have the chance, I try my best to give it to them. Sometimes just giving them half an hour in the morning, some time in the middle of the day where I am focusing on them and definitely time before bed the day seems to be smoother.

So next time you think your child is acting out, step back and look at your day. Do they just miss you, love you and just want a little more attention?

Side note: There are plenty of times I do not have the energy for the sweet babies so don’t think I do this everyday!

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Yours Truly,

 Jade San Nicolas

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